Learner Pack (Q)

Learner Pack (Q)

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Comprehensive information on how to create the resources that your learners will need before, during and after your qualification.

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The information is presented in four clearly defined sections:

  • Toolkit guide to producing a learner pack: how to put together your pack and what to include
  • Pre-training learner pack: everything your learner needs before the training takes place
  • Technical element pack: everything your learner needs whilst they are participating in your training
  • Post-training learner pack: everything your learner need after they’ve completed your training.

Mix and match the three learner packs, create one large pack, or keep them separate, whichever works best for you and your learners.

Disclaimer: By purchasing this pack you (either as or on behalf of the training provider) understand and agree that the documentation it contains is for guidance and support only and is not legally approved. The documentation requires that you (either as or on behalf of the training provider) amend it to meet the training provider’s needs and reflect the training provider’s branding. Once amended, the documentation will be your (the training provider’s) intellectual property and the contents your (the training provider’s) responsibility.